Mr Fräg

Mr Fräg is an industrial design studio focusing on furniture and interiors with functional honesty, material integrity and a sense of poetry. Frag Woodall has turned his hand from furniture to rugs with his latest collaboration with Designer Rugs which recently debuted at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2018.

This innovative rug collection takes its inspiration from Fräg’s fascination with timber joining techniques and his journey as a skilled craftsman.“In a creative capacity I was first captivated by the intricacy and precision of joinery as a furniture craftsman,” says Fräg. “The very first book I got as an apprentice had illustrative drawings of various joints, a memory of this detail has stayed with me.”

The four hand-tufted rugs in the collection explores their namesake joints in an illustrative but abstract way, emphasizing both practical construction and symbolic expressions of craftsmanship and quality. A narrative of colour and form flows through the collection, capturing light and shadow using a number of materials and finishes such as lustrous bamboo highlights, differing pile heights and mattifying loop pile textures.

“My work often has as focus on materiality and a tactile engagement. This approach has a natural application working with rug textiles. So after being initially daunted with a predominantly two-dimensional project which is quite different my normal work I felt it came together well by applying a strong conceptual narrative and tactile focus.”

Corner Halving


Dovetail Halving


Corner Halving Chevron



Mortice and Tenon

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