the lost villa

A dead villa, with vividly animated childhood memories which is located in the north of Iran by the Caspian Sea, was saved from unsustainable demolition and reconstruction and revived by Babak Abna Architects.It is a private residence situated within a gated family community surrounded by 3 other similar lots, in the town of Kelarabad.

The design strategy in kept with the client’s desires in order to fully serve the users and not just to fulfill the will of an abstract design. There were two design criteria:  to minimize demolition and to bring back the lost sense of space.

Some surfaces during the finishing process are deliberately left almost unfinished so that the builders hands can be traced visually, avoiding overworking for smoothness. Integration of surfaces of new exposed concrete, smooth renderings and concrete repairs is “playful”, in order to keep the actual state; old and new. There is some demolition but the debris is mostly reclaimed and glued together for furnishing.


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