the role of light and air

Hikari House is a residential project located in Bandung, Hikari House, which literally means “House of Light”, is designed to give occupants the experience of how natural lighting and time interact with architecture.

The natural light that slips into the house varies by day, constantly changing throughout the year. In addition to natural lighting, air flow plays a role in this house. The flow is designed the way the house ‘breathes’ from the terrace and living area towards the dining and dry garden.

Designed by Pranala Associates, the home emphasises the connection between outdoor and indoor, the mound that presents in the backyard is made the same height as the living room to create a stronger bond between outdoor and indoor elements. In addition to the exterior the internal cactus garden brings botanical life connecting the main living zones. As the interior design is a unity and is inseparable with the architecture itself, the interior of this house is stitched by the elements that can be seen throughout the building.

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