Wearstler re-imagining past, present & future

American designer and style icon Kelly Wearstler has used clashing patterns, colours and textures to design the San Francisco Proper hotel, alongside notable furniture pieces from various European design movements.

The hotel is located in a wedge shaped structure built in 1926.Wearstler retained the original character of the lobby and lounge spaces. Across all of the spaces, she chose an elaborate layering of geometric shapes alongside more organic, floral forms to create a colourful merging of styles.

“The city is our muse in everything, from the palette and materials to local artists and rich European influences,” said Wearstler. “We looked to bring something new to San Francisco by re-imagining past, present and future.”The historic building is constructed of brick, stone and terracotta, and spans seven storeys. Its 131 guest rooms are all are uniquely designed. Interiors are kept white, allowing colourful artwork and furniture pieces to pop. In the lounge, or “salon”, intimate sitting areas are formed from pods of sofas, tables, and chairs to create series of living room vignettes.

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