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Belarus, is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe, which is known for its Stalinist architecture, grand fortifications and primeval forests. In the modern capital, Minsk, the monumental KGB Headquarters loom over Independence Square, which makes it the last place you would expect to find minimalism alive and well.

The meticulously crafted Buddha Apartment by local ZROBYM Architects. Named the Buddha Apartment, the one-bedroom property was recently renovated to accommodate a couple who requested a home of contemporary comforts that combines a minimalist design aesthetic with a sense of cosiness, which still doesn’t explain the Buddha part!

The renovation’s major intervention was the separation of the apartment’s front area into two distinct zones of roughly equal dimensions to accommodate the living room and kitchen-cum-dining room. Although divided by a partition wall, the two rooms are not completely disconnected, with ample space on either side of the partitioning wall that allows the easy movement between the two spaces and ensures their visual connection.

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