Dulux Colour Awards 2018 Winners!

Courage and innovation typified the inspired use of colour in the winning projects of the 32nd Dulux Colour Awards, announced at last Thursday night’s Gala event held at the National Gallery of Victoria. This prestigious industry awards program recognises the most creative and considered use of colour in nine project categories!
Hats of to Dulux, boasting a record number of entries – more than 300 from around Australia and New Zealand combined – this year’s awards highlighted the impact of colour as an architectural and interior design device.
From the warm muted tones of a studio interior to the shimmering metallic finish on a period home extension, the varied application of colour was demonstrated with universal flair, but it was the subtle sophistication of a suite of coloured panels on an outback community facility that drew unanimous applause from the astute panel of judges.
The Fitzroy Crossing Renal Hostel, by Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects, was awarded the Grand Prix, as well as the Commercial Exterior Award, for what the judging panel describes as, “the perfect balance of colour and volume.
Colour has been used in a meaningful way, adapted to community and worked into the context of it – it’s truly breathtaking.” Dulux Colour Planning and Communications Manager Andrea Lucena-Orr adds, “It epitomises the value of our awards
program, which recognises the most creative and innovative use of colour in the built environment.”

Today we share in full detail all the winners with a few pap shots from the Gala event!

Judges’ comments: “An exemplary piece of architecture, whose impact is heightened, and even defined by, the considered use of colour, the Fitzroy Crossing Renal Hostel is the clear overall winner of this year’s Grand Prix.
The nuanced juxtaposition of contextually inspired hues demonstrates an understanding of the strength of colour and its relevance in the Australian landscape.” “Every colour in this project has meaning and, in its remote environmental context as well as its functional context – that is, the building’s purpose – it is stunning. The architects’ resolved use of colour exemplifies its ability to transform a structure and to generate a sense of place, and the level of sophistication in which it is employed here is exceptional.” – Murali Bhaskar

Judges’ comments: “In this project, colour has been used to transform an industrial space into something more akin to an
art installation. This bold, creative solution demonstrates a courageous design approach, incorporating the proportional and unassuming use of colour. Selected from a diverse range of entries, the studio stands out as an inspiring workplace that truly represents the personality of the company within.” – Miriam Fanning

Judges’ comments: “Wagaya transports you to a different emotion and place akin to Japan. It was a standout entry, with clever use of colour and light defining what the space is about, particularly the way colour behaves in hand with lighting. Playing with neon illumination and colour can be tricky, and is difficult to master, but the neon against the selected tones in this interior adds another dimension to the space, creating an ethereal feel.” – Miriam Fanning

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