to live with less

The decorative composition of this apartment is minimal, in which the sobriety of the whole is punctuated by specific pieces. The outcome is based on the assumption that we now live with less; there is no room to accumulate little things, nor is there time to enjoy them.

Designed by Diego Revollo, the color palette of the Vila Olímpia apartment, in São Paulo, definitely lives up to its name: black & white apartment. The black woodwork stands out against the white burnt cement used in the apartment. While black delimits the space, the white frames the entire composition. The kitchen remains attached to the entrance of the apartment, confined to the limits of its own color, while the white of the walls, floors and ceiling end up framing it.

The environments were sectioned by color, according to their use and function. The social and more intimate spaces received the white of the cement. The services area was lined with black and the balcony was lined with shades of honey. Thus, the visual division is created by the colors chosen for the spaces, and not by walls or other physical elements.

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