Arthur Casas approach to Pre Fab

With experienced design professionals in industrialised construction and five years devoted entirely to research in the residential field, the startup SysHaus  redefines conventional construction: speed, technical and aesthetic quality and environmental consciousness. The 200m2 SysHaus house brings a new approach for contemporary living, where efficiency, practicality and sustainability are effective practices. The structural pre-fabricated system is composed of pillars and beams, connected by a metallic cube that works as a structural node. When combined, they can result in different configurations of layouts within a limit of up to three floors, either in a flat or sloped terrain. The external and internal materials, such as floors, walls and linings, are also conceived as part of a docking system. In this way, you can assembly and disassemble the residence in the lot without generating waste or consuming natural resources such as water – abundantly wasted in conventional construction. From design to conclusion can take only 6 months! Named as “ecosystemic”, the houses … Continue reading Arthur Casas approach to Pre Fab