zen living

Architecture studio M17 designed this edgy apartment, located in the downtown area of Moscow. The general concept of the apartment was to bring the natural landscape insideĀ  interior living environment. The owner is a zen Buddhist. The designers tried to use less partitions and walls for zoning the space to avoid the closeness, to make it more spacious and opened, without compromising functionality, based on the principle of traditional Japanese house. The original floor plan of the apartment building would be best described as a concrete labyrinth. But the natural concrete texture was great and it was the first material M17 had chosen. Thus the main polygonal wall appeared: this 20-meter long curved surface goes through all the open-space zone: entrance hall, tea room, garden, kitchen & dining zone, housing all the technical stuff, store rooms, built-in kitchen, laundry room, wardrobe and guest bathroom, keeping all the utility zones hidden from view, leaving only pure open space.