Maison Joseph Deco

Exquisitely inlaid at the first floor of the the German-designed Bond City Building has drawn great attention by its unique appearance in the Binjiang District, Hangzhou, China.
Maison Joseph Deco focuses on selected art pieces. YUDesign respect the owners’ collection of each carefully reserved art piece collected from all over the world, which explains the reason why the inspiration of their design lies in the setup of an “Art Space” rather than a traditional art shop. Through store design and merchandising units that frame the products to create added value by the enhancement of both the sense of space and the way of display.
Inside the two-layer store, YUDesign showcases the transition space between layers through colour and pattern. YUDesign has earned a reputation for their bravery with colour.

Colour blocking in pomegranate red, noctilucan blue, and moss green make the best of each other to generate a strong visual impact which contribute to the stores backdrop. Surrealism, dramatist, and absurdity accommodate themselves in the colours, echoing to the art pieces.

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