Mexican and African fusion

Immersed in the Mexican jungle, the 20 guest resort is surrounded by lush vegetation and private beach, The architects, Main Office redesigned eight villas and a common areas at the top of the hill which includ a shared kitchen, a dining room and a swimming pool, preserving the references to the African aesthetic, which reflect the heritage of the resort’s previous owner, originally from South Africa.
As a result, the project eclectically combines Mexican elements and an African fusion. While externally preserving its original atmosphere and palapa roofs, the architects endeavoured to create contextual interiors that resolve the pathologies suffered by the original structure due to its direct exposure to the tropical sun and the ocean breeze, while leaving the least environmental impact as possible.
The materials used for the restoration are all sourced from local resources. For the warm interior elements such as room dividers, closet doors and furniture, entirely designed by MAIN OFFICE, the architects chose indigenous Parota wood, which is resistant to humidity and salinity. The formerly coloured interior walls are deliberately painted white, complementing the interior components and acting as a neutral background that does not detract from the stunning views.
Exterior showers defined by stones creating a secluded wall opens towards the sky and the treetops, an outdoor bathtub in in-situ concrete overlooking the Pacific Ocean allows guests to merge into nature. Smaller external showers and terraces interact with the jungle scenery and the sea-horizon.

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